Starburst NetEnt Slots

by | Jun 19, 2018

NetEnt, previously known as Net Entertainment, was established way back in 1996. It’s a Swedish company that has been the leading casino software provider since then. As of today, more than 300 licensed portals are currently using their NetEnt slots and casino software. It was able to create a lot of Net Ent slots for every type of casino player. Net Ent slots are wonderful creations for casino players all over the world. NetEnt is the forerunner of today’s casino gaming.

NetEnt Slots at the Forefront of Breakout Casino

NetEnt is one of the most popular online casinos. It’s been in the business for over 20 years already. It’s one of the pioneers in online casino gaming. They’re also the most innovative and technologically-advanced when it comes to their old and new games software. Recently, they had the breakthrough of creating a live dealer casino platform known as NetEnt Live Casino.

Step In the Arcade with Starburst

One of the most popular NetEnt slots is Starburst. It’s one of the most downloaded and played Net Ent slots for several years already. Players all over the world patronize this game because of the graphics, the easy game mechanics, and of course, the unbelievably high payout rate. Though there are currently over 200 Net Ent slots to choose from, majority of casino game enthusiasts still pick Starburst. It’s the easiest choice among all the NetEnt slots for most players.

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How to Play Starburst

It’s fairly easy to play Starburst. It’s a classic casino game with a two-way win feature. It has 5 reels and 10 bet lines. It’s up to you if you want to activate one, two, three, or up to 10 bet lines. Of course, the more bet lines you activate, the more chances of winning huge amount of cash prizes. The straight line in the middle row pays the highest cash prize. In reels two to four, an Expanding Wild might appear from time to time. It’s a colorful gem in the form of a star and it’s really noticeable even if everything in this game is pretty colorful. This wild feature of Starburst will help you win big in this game. It makes way for a huge number of multiple symbol combinations. It can also generate up to three free re-spins.

Starburst Tips and Tricks

One important trick is to try playing NetEnt slots during off-peak hours. It has been said that when less people are playing, it will give you greater chances at winning the jackpot. Here’s another trick to use when playing Net Ent slots: change your gameplay after some time if it hasn’t been generating success so far. It’s important to try different strategies and figure out what works in the long run for Net Ent slots. You also need to wager using more than lower stakes if you wish to generate a big profit. You’ll also have more chances of winning if you activate all of the 10 pay lines. Once you make a big win at Net Ent slots, it’s best to lower your betting amount at first. But always remember that you should never bet below £0.50 a spin- that goes for all Net Ent slots.

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Online Casino Slots (starburst netent)

Though conventional casino arcade games still exist, online casino slots are all the rage now. It’s definitely more convenient to play Net Ent slots in the comfort of your own home. Why travel all the way to arcade game stores or casino places when you could play the exact same thing and with the same cash prizes while lounging on your bed, watching your favorite TV shows and munching on your favorite snacks at home? It’s an easy choice for casino gamers all over the world- online casino Net Ent slots are the real deals. It’s a great innovation- casino players won’t have to spend a lot of money on transportation, accommodation, drinks, entrance, and other fees involved when playing at major casino establishments. Players no longer have to exchange pleasantries and socialize with strangers. Introvert casino players won’t have to be seen in public anymore- they can play Net Ent slots at home.

No Deposit Casino Guide

Most casino websites offer several reward bonuses in the form of netent starburst free spins. One popular type of a reward bonus is the no deposit free spins bonus. Players are given at least 10 free spins after crating an account on the casino website. This reward will be given even without a single cash deposit from the new user- that’s why it’s called the no deposit free spins bonus. A lot of Net Ent slots can be played using this reward bonus.

Extra Spins and Bonus Codes

Free spins and reward bonuses for Net Ent Slots are always available on a lot of different websites. You just have to look for certain bonus codes and apply them when you register for a new user account on one of the websites. Net Ent slots can definitely be played for free if you just know how to look for these incredible free bonus codes. Up to 100 free spins on Net Ent slots can be claimed once you’ve applied the promo codes on these websites.

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Online Casino App

After creating online NetEnt slots, they have expanded to online casino apps. Net Ent slots now come in mobile applications. Players can download these apps on their smartphones or tablets. Casino players can now play Net Ent slots on various Android and Apple devices. It’s still nicer to use the desktop version but it’s certainly more convenient for everyone to use their smartphones when playing NetEnt slots. We’ve really come a long way when it comes to casino gaming!

Play Now!

NetEnt slots are definitely one of the best things that has ever happened to online casino gaming. It’s a breakthrough and enables casino game enthusiasts to play their favorite games and win cash prizes without all the hassles that come with casino gaming at popular casino houses. This is an amazing way to play your favorite games and win cash prizes at the same time.