Starburst Slot Game If you are looking for a slot game that is uncomplicated but is visually rewarding, offers out- of -this world slot gaming experience and at the same time promises great wins and fast payouts, then Starburst is the slot game perfect for you! Starburst Slot Game is an online slot game powered by NetEnt that has an arcade style and intergalactic theme that is designed so simply but elegantly that gives off a charismatic vibe that is inviting to players. This slot game is classical to new and avid casino players and is one of the most vibrant and energizing fruit slot machines that you can find in an online casino. Starburst might be one of the company’s most simple video slots to date but has remained as one of the most popular video slot game in the world of gambling. This slot game has an amazing 5-reels and 3-row wheel of fortune. It has an arcade feel to it so it keeps players entertained even for long hours of playing slot video games. Starburst is a classic slot game that appeals to all levels of casino players. The slots of this game are adorning with bright colored gems that dazzle and has sound effects that are cutting- edge and perfectly fit the concept of the arcade-style slot game. Not only that it is visually pleasing, it is action-packed and has great potential for huge wins that players will definitely go gaga about. If you’re ready to experience an intergalactic game of fortune, put your helmets on, buckle up and let’s go on a trip to the cosmos with Starburst slot game. Should you play Starburst slots? That question is not even necessary! If you are looking for a slot game that is supercharged with action, fun, and adventure, NetEnts’s Starburst slot is the best game for you. It is simple yet straightforward and guarantees spectacular wins like you’ve never seen before. Whether you succeed in winning rounds or not, this game will never fail to amuse you in bringing maximum levels of entertainment and adventure. A lot of new players are on their way to the cash milky way and many casino patrons have been playing this slot game ever since its release. This classic slot game is available at any online casino that you can find anywhere. When you sign up to casino online, watch out for the freebies, you might get offered with free spins (no deposit) for Starburst. Grab it and use it to have a feel of the game. If you don’t want to sign up on online casino and are just visiting the site for some fun play, many sites have an available demo version for you to play with so you can experience this fantastic slot game. The demo version will show you the slot game of all its glory and will allow you to experience how it is to win. While you are winning as you play on the slot’s demo version, wouldn’t it be more fun to think how it is to be winning real money and actually keeping your winnings? Try this slot game now and be prepared to be thrilled with how much real money you can win from this amazing game of fortune. How to play Starburst slots Like any other slot games available online, the first task of playing this game is to load up your account and place your bet after. If you’re ready to start the space adventure, just click the green button with two arrows found at the center bottom of the slot game to activate the game and for the reels to stop spinning. You can, of course, adjust the coin value, even the paylines and the bet level of your round depending on how you feel more likely to win. As a tip as shared by many gamblers who play slot games, you need to play with the sensitivity of the video slot machine by being strategic in changing the cycle of your spin, activating max bet, as well as the coin value and the number of coins. The video slot, in general, has a fast cycle and a low volatility. Try your luck by alternately changing stakes with €0.5, €5 and €50 per spin and see if your winnings improve.  Due to its low volatility, winning big amounts can be complicated when the stakes are low so try to alternately control the staked of your bets and coin values. The winning combinations are totally random. You can also make use of the other features of the Starburst slot game such as the autoplay feature and the skill stop feature to assist you on your play. Try to land on the Starburst wild symbol and make your wins twice as much as you can win on other video slot games around. Starburst Video Slot Game Details The vibrant colors and design of the game are not the only ones that complement with the amazing presentation of Starburst. The gameplay of this slot game also goes well with how easy this slot game can be played. Starburst has 5- reels, 3 -rows and 10- paylines which are represented by different space gems and other special symbols. The slot also shows wild symbols that tremendously enhance your winnings in Starburst. Gameplay Active Lines: customize the number of paylines to up to 10 Bet Level: can be adjusted up and down Coin Value: controls the bet amount, adjusted by up and down key Max Bet: set maximum bet that the slot allows (100) Autoplay:  allows players to set up a number of spins at one bet amount automatically Spin: moves the reels to start the game Symbols While the theme of this slot game is intergalactic, the symbols adorning the reels are not stars but colorful space gems; gems that sparkle with a myriad of lights to be exact. Special symbols like the iconic Lucky 7, Bar and Starburst symbol also represent the reels of the slot that adds more fun to the game as to what they can do in the game.  A combination of the symbols of 3 to 5 in a row in any of the paylines will result in a win in this slot game. When you get the Starburst symbol, the star will shine bright indicating something splendor will happen as it acts as the expanding wild. This symbol will trigger a free spin and will turn the reel into a Wild reel which can trigger re-spins of up to 3 times.  Payouts Space Gems: Purple Gem – lowest paying; 5 matching purple gems in a payline will win you 25 coins Blue Gem – same as the purple gem, 5 blue gem combination will win you 25 coins Orange Gem – 40 coins will be yours for 5 orange gem combination Green Gem – win 50 coins for 5 green gems in a row Yellow Gem – highest paying space gem, 5 yellow gems in a payline is equivalent to 60 coins Special Symbols: 7s    – know as the Lucky 7, five combinations of the Lucky 7 will pay out 120 coins Bar     – has the highest value symbol in the slot; 5 Bar symbols in a row will pay you 250 coins Starburst     – acts as an expanding Wild; appears only on reels 2, 3 or 4; triggers free spin or re-spin of up to 3 times max; turns the entire reel into a Wild Reel Calculating Wins In Starburst Slot game, maximum prize wins are possible. Players can keep track of their winning by opening the window at the bottom of the game. Checking your wins helps in keep tracking how much good you are at winning. All the winning combinations in the slot must start on the very first reel from the left. Depending on the random matches, simultaneous winning combinations can also occur on multiple lines, however, only one win is granted per line. After the winning combinations are determined, the total award for that spin will be generated for total wins. Starburst Video Slot Bet Limits This game caters to all levels players since it is easy to play, win and is definitely affordable. The betting range stretches from 10 cents with 1 cent coin value to a maximum bet of € 100 with a € 1 coin value. With this affordable bet range, any lucky players can win in this fun-packed slot game for as much as 50, 000 coins of total wins. Starburst Special Features Starburst Wild Unlike any other modern video slot games available in an online casino, Starburst does not have features like free spins, bonus round or multipliers which are common features to most slot games. Instead of these, Starburst boasts its standout feature which is the Starburst Wild. This special feature works wonders when it appears on the slot. This symbol only appears in reels 2 to 4 and once it does, it expands and covers the entire reel. This symbol sets the reel wild as it shines indicating a wild win. This wild feature also triggers a re-spin to up to 3 times. As the reel is re-spinning, the Starburst symbol does not move as the other reels spin. If another wild symbol happens to appear, another spin will be triggered. Autoplay The Autoplay feature allows you to spin the reels and play in auto mode. The autoplay button can be found just beside the spin button. You can also control the setting when you want to stop the autoplay feature. All you have to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy as you watch your luck playing the Starburst slot game. No mouse-clicking needed. Skill Stop When it comes to slot games, the outcome of the spin is totally random. However, some players believe that having the control to stop the reels allow you more chances on landing on symbol matches on the reels. This ability is one of the few great features of Starburst slot game. The Skill Stop feature allows players to stop the reels manually with a click of a mouse. Bonus Rounds Although there is no bonus symbol anywhere that can be found in the reels of this slot game, bonus rounds are still awarded in this game. No great game is complete with bonus rounds. Bonus Rounds are of course brought by the Starburst Wild and the Win Both Ways Feature. The Starburst Wild Bonus is activated when the wild symbol show up on the middles three reels (2,3,4) which causes the whole slot to light up. It fills the reels with additional wilds and triggers a re-spin that guarantees big wins. The great thing about this bonus feature is that it can also trigger another re-spin once another wild symbol appears, and so on. Big wins are guaranteed when you play the Starburst slot game. With the Win Both Ways Bonus Feature, you will be rewarded with the corresponding payout no matter your winning combinations lands on the reels from left to right and vice versa. This Win Both Ways Feature allows slot players to gain up twice as many wins as they can have in other regular slots available in the online casino. Starburst touch slots on mobile Starburst is a game that is sure to bring only the best experience when it comes to video slot game. It’s simplicity but fantastic presentation and features make this game a pleasure to many avid online casino gamblers. Starburst casino slot also works perfectly on mobile and is compatible to any smart devices such as Androids and iPhones. Play Starburst slot game on your mobile and enjoy your game while on a coffee break. No matter what device you use, Starburst slot game experience will always be the same- fun, thrilling and spectacular. No matter where you are and anytime, Starburst slot game is always ready to entertain and will take you to the cosmos of huge wins and supreme entertainment.